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QLF - Cooked LMB Division

Welcome to QLF - Cooked LMB Division - Whitesboro, TX
​We are a unique manufacturing company proud to be located in Whitesboro, Texas.  Our facility produces the highest quality cooked syrup and molasses blocks in the country.  We use proven trace minerals for maximum animal performance and only the best ingredients to Ignite your Animal's Health!  We manufacture products that give you the best competitive advantage in your animal nutrition.  Ignite supplements enhance performance and health at the most reasonable price.   

Our services and products include production of cooked tubs for dry feed producers.  Primarily a manufacturer we partner with other companies to help broaden their product lines of feed.  QLF is introducing our own unique line of cooked syrup blocks branded Ignite.  Ignite supplements made for Equine, Goat's, and Cattle.   

QLF ®  PO Box 512, Whitesboro, TX  76273
Look for new Ignite Equine supplement made with Alfalfa and Kelp in Products section!